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1.  Unicuspid Aortic Valve : Overview of A Rare Congenital Cardiac Anomaly
1.  Prognostic significance of Right Ventricular ejection fraction (RV-EF) assessed by 2D echocardiography in Hospitalized patients with Dilated Cardiomyopathy
2.  Transesophageal Echocardiography in patients of acute stroke
1.  3D Echo and 3D TEE for Mitral Valve Disease
1.  Aortic Intimo-intimal Intussusception: A rare variant of Aortic Dissection
2.  Quadrivalvular Rheumatic Heart Disease - Case Report
3.  A rare combination of Anomalous Origin of Right Pulmonary Artery from Aorta (AOPA) with Congenital Tricuspid Valve Anomaly and Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation
4.  Neonate in respiratory distress with to and fro shunt from Aorta to Right ventricle
5.  An extremely rare case of carcinoma rectum metastasizing to the heart
6.  Unicommissural Aortic Valve in young adult: Rare congenital abnormality presenting as symptomatic and severe aortic stenosis
7.  Rare Case Of Unicuspid Unicommissural Aortic Valve Presenting In Adult As Infective Endocarditis ,Aortic Root Abscess, Complete Heart Block
8.  A large undulating Left Ventricular Apical thrombus encroaching upto Aortic Valve’
9.  Pericardial tamponade due to main pulmonary artery dissection in a young patient with Eisenmenger’s Syndrome
10.  Atypical presentation of typical parachute like asymmetrical mitral valve.
1.  Hampton’s Hump and Westermark Sign : An Interesting X Ray View
2.  Tuberculous Constrictive Pericarditis with pericardial calcification – an antique picture.
3.  Type 9 Dual left anterior descending artery [LAD] or triple LAD anomaly – a rare anomaly.